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S1 Ep6: Darul Ulum College: Tamanah and Eemana

March 31, 2021 Moreland Youth Season 1 Episode 6
Moreland Voice
S1 Ep6: Darul Ulum College: Tamanah and Eemana
Show Notes

We are wrapping up our first series with a delightful conversation between sisters Tamanah and Eemana!

As VCE students at Darul Ulum College, 2020 proved to be an extra tough year amidst the challenges of adjusting to remote learning, lacking social connection and navigating feelings of uncertainty about the future.

Still, Tamanah and Eemana exude a vibrance and optimism as they share what kept them occupied during quarantine, how the pandemic changed their perspective on life and importantly, how they will continue to strive towards their goals and ambitions in their final year of high school and beyond.

As a Moreland youth ambassador, Tamanah is determined to make up for the year of missed opportunities, continuing her dream of creating events and initiatives to support the mental and physical health of young people in the community.

Just like her sister, Eemana also discusses the importance of focusing on health, fitness, working hard and staying determined, especially during a time where many are struggling to find motivation.

This episode covers the highs and lows of 2020 through the eyes of two clever and lively sisters, ultimately showing that by being grateful for your family, finding ways to be creative and looking after yourself, you can accomplish anything!

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